Simpson Pure Badger

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SIMPSON PURE BADGER SHAVING BRUSH | Packed full of Pure Badger Hair this brush will provide many years of faithful service as well as going a long way to helping you achieve the perfect shave. This brush comes in a gift box perfect for storage or ready to give as a present.

HOW TO USE | Soak the brush for a few minutes in warm water. Lift out and allow most of the excess to trickle out, until the brush is not dripping but still feels heavy with water.

Do not flick the brush as this will remove all the water which is what creates a nice thick lather.

Mix initially in a bowl with shave cream to create the lather and then apply onto the face, helping to lift facial hair and exfoliate the skin.

SIMPSONS | Simpsons has been making handmade shaving brushes in England since 1919, it fully deserves its reputation as the world's premier shaving brush manufacturer.